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Spring - A season of renewal and direction

Happy Spring dear subscribers

I haven’t sent out any emails for a while. I have been busy learning more things related to my business and how to further the idea. I hit upon two roadblocks when I started working more and more on my business last year.

The first one was marketing. I realized that I do not have the energy or stamina to market my art or the products that I uploaded in POD sites like society6 and Red bubble. I am not that extroverted yet.

The second roadblock was the audience. This kind of ties in with the marketing bit. It is quite a challenge to gain audience on any social media. People browsing are distracted and the attention spans are low. Giving constant quality eye candy is hard. Believe me, every time I try this, I am the one getting burnt out. As an artist and business owner, I cannot completely quit social media but I am not going to put in majority of my energy there as well.

Now for my journey these past few months and the direction it is taking me this year. I invested in two courses in the past few months. One was Brand plus Brand by Jenna Rainey which I took in November. I learnt quite a bit of things in that course but felt it was not adequate enough to give me direction. So in February of this year, I enrolled in a course called Immersion by a surface pattern designer called Bonnie Christine. This course was a game changer on many levels from technical proficiency to entrepreneurship.

I plan to move forward in the direction of Portfolio. I plan to build my portfolio this year with collection of my art and designs. I plan to contact companies and license my art directly to them. Working with companies takes care of the Marketing part to some extent for me. But this will have an impact on my POD sites that are currently listed at . If I sign contract with any companies, I will be giving them exclusive rights on my designs. This means that I will be removing them from the POD sites soon. This also means that I will not be uploading any new content to the POD sites for a while.

Thanks for traveling the journey with me. 🥰 I hope to keep you all updated more frequently than what it is currently.

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