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Serving Tray with Rangoli Design - Product guide

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

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Today's product guide is the serving tray. Here is a great way to use serving trays with Rangoli or Kolam on them. You can use them as pedestals for deities during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Varalakshmi Nombu/Pooja or Satyanarayana pooja etc. Since it comes with the Kolam/Rangoli drawn on them, you are saving some precious time during the festival days.

In my set up pictured here, I placed the serving tray on top of a wooden stool. I had this foil toran at home already. I just tied the toran on the cut out handles on both sides. Then I placed the Ganesha and the flowers. Below is a top view of the set up. The size of my tray is 18inx14inx1.75in.

More decorations can be added. I just wanted the product to be visible for the photos.

Advantages of the setup:

  • The serving tray has a large surface area. It comes in two sizes the small one is 18inx14inx1.75in and 22.5inx17.5inx2in. This means more space around the deity for plenty of offerings.

  • Stores flat on the side of the wall

  • Speeds up the time spent in setting up the altar

  • It is very colorful.

  • comes with cutout handles. These will make it easy to move the whole setup as you please.

  • It is a very easy to clean surface. You just have to wipe it with a damp clothe and store it.

  • 100% sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo wood frame

Click the link below to view the entire serving tray collection on Society6

Below are some samples of Serving trays from my Society6 store.

Check out my short YouTube video which showcase some of my designs as well.

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Loved the setup and the various kolam designs that the tray comes with.

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Thank you Radhika

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