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Mother, Wife, Artist, Photographer, Surface Pattern Designer

Hello, I am Sandhya. I am an artist and a surface pattern designer. I specialize in a special form of South Indian floor art called Kolam and also in Rangolis and Mandalas. I also paint florals and landscapes with watercolors. My new love is modern calligraphy. I am observant, methodical, have attention to detail and am self motivated.

I loved to draw Kolams and Rangolis on the floor since a very young age as most Indian girls of my generation did growing up. I learnt this skill by observing all the women in the household do it, especially my grandmother. I intend to take this art form from beyond the floor to all possible places.

I am a mother of two and live in the Pacific Northwest with my family. I love to grow gardens, photograph, travel and go on hikes with my family.

I have two Engineering degrees, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s. I love to cook hot Indian curries to keep me warm on rainy days. My favorite movie series is the Jurassic Park trilogy and I have watched it too many times.

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