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Announcement of my RedBubble storefront

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

All storefronts are listed here at Linktree to make it easier to shop

Hello everyone !!!

I know it has been a long gap since I sent out emails. I have been really busy these past couple of months. I was one of the vendors at a local Diwali Shopping Festival. This proved to be quite a learning experience for me. I observed the three levels of satisfaction in humans. The first one is satisfaction of basic need. i.e. food when you are outside your home. You can feel the result of this transaction immediately. Second is personal satisfaction. You will buy products that satisfy you but not your basic need. Clothing is one of them. The third level is where artists like me fall into. It is not a priority for an individual but may make things beautiful for you and your life. Aesthetics of an environment. But many people were very enthusiastic about the idea as they watched the demo video of how the Rangoli/Kolam based art can be part of their home decor and make festival celebrations easier. I am very grateful for that.

But I am here to share some EXCITING news today. I want to announce that I have a RedBubble store open now. I was initially hesitant to have a RedBubble store but I have finally warmed up to the idea behind the product line at RedBubble. I am in love with the scarves, chiffon tops, socks, throw blankets and many more products there.

I would appreciate as an independent artist if you can support my work by purchasing products with my unique designs as gifts for your loved ones, extended family, friends, kids teachers and colleagues. Please do share this email or link with friends as well.

Below are some cool products available from Red Bubble that make great gifts

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Excellent. Like your idea. Your exhibits in screen is attractive and innovative. All the

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