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Welcome to my site. I want to start out by sharing my vision. Before that though, I want to share a brief about my journey. The journey leads to the vision. So the journey is as important as the vision. Over the past years with tremendous encouragement from Deepak, I have acquired a lot of skills. These skills have kept the artist within me alive. Whether it is photography or painting or sketching. Many of you know that I have spent the boring classes in college with doodling.

Although I am adept in acquiring new skills, I have been hesitant in sharing my work with others except a few really close friends. After much meditation and inward journey this past year thanks to COVID and the lockdowns, I have found courage to share my work with everyone. I have set up two online shops for my work. One is for photography and another is for my paintings and mandala art.

Photography has been a passion for many many years. Even when I didn't have a camera on hand, I knew that I perceived my environment in my own unique way. So when I wanted to expand myself and share my art, I couldn't ignore my photography and stick only to art. This is why I have the photography store as well. You can check out what I see in my environment by looking at my photography store.

This image is one of the thousands that I am yet to share with everyone.

The art store was the first inspiration that made me decide to have my online stores. I started playing with watercolors from march 2021. Before that I must say that I did not play consistently. I spent time at random to sketch or draw here and there. Watercolors opened up a new world for me. It opened me up to a certain level of meditativeness that I consistently began to enjoy. This consistent play with colors took me to my vision.

The vision is very connected to my childhood and my culture. I recall the joy that I derived from doing Kolam's and Rangoli's in front of my house every morning. Festivities multiplied the joy because we used to spend extra time making more elaborate designs. It is a great way to wake up in the morning and connect with the creator and let the creativity flow through you. Once I moved to US, there was very little opportunity for this process. The watercolors connected me back to this process. The art based online store that I have is an expansion of the process and also the struggles we face with the rough floors that make them less than ideal for every morning Rangoli/Kolam.

A wood wall art that comes in sections and is easy to store in a stack can just be arranged on your front porch and you can extend decorating it with lamps and flowers. A serving tray with Kolam or mandala design can be used on the altar as a seat for deity on festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Varalakshmi pooja etc. This is the link to my online art store. I hope you will share my vision and support my work.



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