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I have exciting news to share

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Summer is here and I have two exciting news to share with you all. I feel life gets more exciting when we feel confident that we are moving in the right direction. I have accomplished two things that take me closer to my goal this month.

First one is my fabric collection. After two months of work, my first mandala fabric collection is ready. I visualize seeing these designs in bedding, apparel products like leggings, scarves etc. I think the vibrant colors will be a quilter's joy. I will have this in my portfolio and make it available for license soon. Here is a mockup sneak peek. You can follow me on Instagram @sandhyadeepakcreates to see more frequent updates.

The next exciting news is that I finally got to do my first brand photo shoot yesterday. This means great photos that reflect Sandee creates as a brand and me as the artist. This will bring about a lot of changes to the website soon. I am planning on making this website more cohesive, easy to navigate and more inline with the brand.

Thanks for following my journey with me. Reply to this email or comment on the blog post if you have any products on your mind that you think my designs will look great on.

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