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Hear what customers say about the products

I am excited to share what my customers are sharing about my work and the products with you all. The image below was shared by a customer. I love how the Kolam tray is decorated with the diyas. Here is what she had to say about the tray,

"I purchased the tray from Sandee creates two years ago. This has been the most useful purchases of mine. I use these tray regularly for religious purposes. It’s very durable and has been repurposed as a decorative tray as well. I love the unique design and easy care instructions. I have received many compliments on this tray. I am glad I was able to purchase this unique tray and would highly recommend it!" - Vidya V, California

Another customer who purchased tapestry from me shared this review about it.

" This year one of my resolutions was to pass on traditions I learned in India to my kids. I wanted to do it in a no sweat way, that’s when I remembered your rangoli tapestry in one of the showcase expo I attended couple of months back. Those were beautiful and colorful. I bought the tapestry, used it to prepare pooja Mandap. It was so easy setup. My kids were enthusiastic and kept asking me so many questions. Looking forward to use more of your products to display our tradition. Thank you for making it possible." - Mrs K, Sammamish, WA

Also check out the gallery on my website to see how many customers have used the products.

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