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Hello everyone,

Hope all of you had a fun-filled summer. My summer just flew by to the point where I could not track or contain it within any schedule. I am someone who thrives when there is some form of routine. You are probably wondering why I have shared an image of a blank tapestry. I will get to that soon, but first I wanted to share some updates with you all.

I finished my portfolio this summer and in the process of creating more designs to add. My portfolio is also available in my website to view.

I welcomed fall with the beginning of Navarathri. It was exciting because many of the customers who are also family and have supported me shared pictures of the tapestries as it decorated their golu/gombe habba/bommal koluvu. I am sharing those pictures with you all here. If you purchased my tapestry, please share the photo of how you used it with me on my site email.

Scroll past the images to continue reading.....

Navarathri Golu, Tapestry, Kolam
My golu for this year

Now for the exciting update..... I am working on selling the products on my own website. I got a lot of feedback from people that it is not very convenient to go and buy directly from my manufacturer's website. Taking this into account, I am setting up a storefront right here at

The blank tapestry is at the top because ........ I am currently researching multiple manufacturers. I am waiting to see a sample of the tapestry. I also want to keep the prices low for all of you. So, once I find the sweet spot between the quality and the price, I can give you all a great deal on the tapestry.

If you are around Redmond on Oct 15th, come check out my booth at the

Diwali Shopping Festival from 11.30 am to 7pm. Click here to RSVP for the event

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