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Gift Guide and Coupon Code inside

Hello everyone, I am very happy to hear good feedback about the website and the shopping experience from you all. Since it is the holiday season, I thought I should write a gift guide for you all. It will also give you an idea about how I set up the online shop. So here we go….

Personal gifts:

There are a few items in the shop that can be personal gifts to friends and family.


The scarves are in two types of materials namely poly-voile and poly-chiffon. They also come in two sizes 25 in x 25 in and 50 in x 50 in. Poly voile is less expensive than poly chiffon. The scarves are a vibrant addition to your closet or to that of your friend’s if you gift them.

Accessory Pouches:

“I have enough pouches.” Said no one ever. I love the quality of the pouches from my samples. The small one is an ideal gift for school going kids and people who love to travel. The large one is generous in size and enough to hold all hold all my travel watercolor kit.

Planner and Journals:

There is a planner available for purchase for a limited time. Since it is time sensitive, I will not have it on my store for a long time. Since I am someone who writes in a journal regularly, it made sense for me to have some journals in the store. These are great gifts a for those who love to plan and write things out. It is also a great gift for teachers during the holiday season.


For the chef in the family. Aprons are an essential for every kitchen. There are times when I have loved having the handy apron not only in my kitchen but also in my art studio. Aprons are a great gift for artists too.

Tote bags:

One can never have enough tote bags. I use these sturdy, machine washable tote bags for my weekly grocery trips. They are also a great gift for gym lovers. I have one bag for my gym and it is great. I love the sturdy handles. They can withstand my heavy groceries. Plus they are good for the environment and a better alternative to plastics.

Water Bottles:

A sturdy water bottle lasts for years. The ones in my store are Stainless steel. They can keep warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Comes pretty handy for all seasons.

Home Gifts:

Kitchen Towels:

They are great gifts in a set of 3. These towels are larger than the average kitchen towels in stores and are cotton. Very comfy and handy in the kitchen and dining area.


An essential that is needed for us to hold our morning cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. I personally need more of this because I always run out of them. It is also a great gift for teachers.


Well if you need a mug, you also need a coaster. I love my vibrant designs on the coaster. They are just soooooo pretty on that glossy surface.

Travel Gifts:

Weekender bags:

Very handy for a short weekend trip for a person who travels independently. It is generous in size and you can pack ample clothes in them. You can also get matching pouches and have it coordinated and organized.

Here is a coupon code for the holiday season to get 15 % off when you order over $60


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