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Flowers are instant joy

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

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Wouldn't you agree with the title of this blog post? I have never stopped admiring flowers. Whether the flower was a tiny dandelion on the roadside or a grand giant sunflower. They have the ability to stop me on the tracks and spend a few moments admiring them and photographing them. I am someone who can never go for a run because of this...;)

I love capturing the macro shots of flowers. It is an opportunity for me to see the perfection of nature. A five petaled simple flower, a columbine or the multi petaled layered ones like a rose or a peony. They all are perfect to me the way they are. This is what I learn from them and take into my own life as well.

If you expect a marigold to look like a rose, it will look very ugly and will not be even looked at. It will lack the authenticity of being a marigold. We as humans often try to fit into others expectation of how we must be or do. In this process, we all lose our authenticity. But being authentic and true to ourselves is the only way to blossom. SO HERE IS TO BEING AUTHENTIC AND TRUE TO OURSELVES. OUR AUTHENTICITY WILL BRING JOY NOT ONLY TO US BUT TO OTHERS AROUND US.

I am adding a few pictures of my flower photographs on my society6 store. Hope you will enjoy them on your walls and let them remind you of authenticity.

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