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Rangoli Metal Prints - A product use guide

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

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I shared some basic details in my vision blog post. Today, I want to choose one of the many products available on Society6 and elaborate a product use that aligns with my vision.

This is first in the series of product guides and ideas. I will be adding more of them as time progresses. My intent is to time them with Indian festivals and celebrations.

I purchased a metal print at 40% off from Society6 during their July 4th weekend sale. This is what I purchased. It is a 18 in x 18 in metal print with one of my sikku kolam designs on it. Here is a picture of it hanging on my wall.

Features of the Metal Print:

I appreciate some of the features of this product.

1. It has a smooth and glossy surface.

2. It is light weight.

3. It is easy to clean.

4. The colors appeared brighter on the metal print.

5. Can be transported easily as and when needed.

Ways to use a metal print with rangoli:

  1. The way it is intended. It can be a colorful addition to your wall anywhere in your home or your pooja room

  2. It can be a pedestal for deity for poojas

  3. It can be in front of your Pooja Mantap on the floor ( A smaller size metal print will do nicely)

  4. You can have it in front of your house entrance ( 24 in x 24 in is a good choice for this).

  5. You can decorate it with flowers and lamps while on the floor.

Check out more metal prints from my Society6 store here

I set up my metal print with tealight candles. Below is a picture of it. Let me know what you think.

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